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A balanced inner life is now recognised as being as important to health and longevity as a strong body. Increasingly, people are integrating complementary and alternative therapies into their conventional personal care.   We offer the following treatments:

Reiki:  A Japanese technique for stress reduction and relaxation that also promotes healing.  Our Reiki Master utilizes gentle touch with warm energy to activate and balance the energy flow through the body.

Chakra Balancing:  Chakras are energy vortexes in the body, and balancing these specific points allow physical and spiritual energy to flow more freely.   This energy recalibration will bring back the flow of energy into your physical body.

Detoxifying Reflexology:  There is evidence that reflexology helps with the release of toxins in your system allowing tired cells to rejuvinate. 

All energy treatments are 55 min and cost $109.00    Energy treaments can be added on to any massage for an additional $69.00

Please note that 48 hours cancellation notice is required in order to avoid full payment of services. For holiday periods, a 7 day notice is required in order to avoid full payment of services. Please be 15 min early for all treatments as your services will begin as scheduled. Your arrival time will determine the length of your treatment time, which will end as scheduled, so the next guest may begin promptly.

Also, please note that all Shui Spa guest facility areas require proper swim attire at all times, including the use of the sauna, steam room and soaking tub. All spa guests receive complimentary use of the sauna, steam room and soaking tub facilities.

• Add a Delicious Shui Spa Healthy Lunch ($25 per person) before or after your treatments
• An 18% Gratuity will be added to all services 80 minutes and longer, as well as
all packages for your convenience
• Any Special Occasion Celebration can be made even more Extraordinary at Shui Spa with a Unique Bouquet of Flowers, a Special Celebration Beverage(s) or a Beautiful Shui Spa Basket presented to your loved one or friend. Our Shui Spa Staff will make sure your every request is met with the utmost importance and attention to detail.

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8. Would you like to add a healthy Spa lunch to enjoy before or after your treatment? $25 per person.

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