Massage Treatments at Shui Spa

A rejuvenating getaway... no overnight stay required

Therapeutic massage has been used in many cultures around the world throughout the ages to relieve both stress and physical pain.  Stress can inspire us to do our best, but when we overload our nervous system for too long, our ability to respond with grace and balance may be compromised.  Treating yourself to a massage can be one of the most pleasurable ways to deal with the overload of modern life, and at Shui Spa, we love to pamper you.


Shui Spa Massage  

A combination of longer, gentle Swedish strokes combined with a deep tissue focus to relax and release muscle tension.  Finish the treatment with our luxurious Chardonnay massage oil and a glass of local Truro Vineyards Chardonnay (included).

55 minutes $109.00      85 minutes $159.00


Deep Tissue Massage  

Deep tissue massage uses a variety of firm, directed strokes to loosen specific areas of tension.

55 minutes $129.00      85 minutes $179.00


Shui Warm Stone Massage  

Heated Basalt stones gathered from dry riverbeds in Mexico are used to reach deep into your body to relax muscles, improving circulation and calming your nervous system. 

85 minutes $179.00


Couples Massage  

We welcome couples to enjoy their massage and several of our body treatments together in our Couples Sanctuary. 

55 minutes       85 minutes


Prenatal Massage    

Pre-natal massage is customized for the comfort, safety and special needs of pregnant women, to relieve stress caused by the physical, psychological, spiritual and social changes of pregnancy. Benefits include relief from leg, hip and back pain, reduced swelling, emotional support and nurturing touch.

55 minutes $109.00  85 minutes  $159.00


Spa Parties    

The Shui Spa is also available for evening private events and parties. Spa parties are held from 7:30pm to 9:30pm and can feature a full bar including spa-tinis (deliciously flavored martinis) as well as mini spa treatments to spoil your guests.  Weather permitting the party area would include all the indoor and outdoor meditation gardens, our relaxation lounge with its steam room, sauna and warm mineral soaking tub.  It's a fabulous way of celebrating a special occasion!  Inquire at for more information.


  • Add a full body scrub to any massage (25 minutes $59)