Facial Treatments at Shui Spa

Replenish with a simple treatment or immerse yourself in total relaxation. The Shui Spa offers a complete range of services for body, mind and spirit. We are proud to use Sundari, Murad, EmerginC and Olavie skin care products.


Shui Spa Facial  


Using the high concentration of antioxidants found in the Chardonnay grape seed, our signature facial helps combat the effects of the environment on your skin. A glass local Chardonnay from Truro Vineyards is included.


50 minutes $109.00


Vitamin C Infusion Facial   


Antioxidant vitamin C is infused onto the skin to restore elasticity, firmness and an even skin tone.


65 minutes $139.00


Omega 3 Supplifying Facial   


Awaken your skin to true beauty with this moisture loving facial. This holistic and nourishing treatment uses naturally active ingredients designed for intensive hydration and skin nourishment.


65 minutes $139.00


Radiance Facial


Re-energize your skin with natural fruit acids, anti oxidants and hydrators. The cutting edge ingredients for this facial will nourish and brighten your skin leaving it simply radiant.


60 minutes $109.00


Gotu Kola Anti Aging Facial   


65 minutes $139.00


Shui Spa Custom Facial   


This customized treatment begins with an in depth consultation. Your skin is then cleansed, toned and treated with a deep moisture loving serum and skin type specific face mask to pamper you and offer you the resultsyou are looking for.


65 minutes $139.00


Gentlemen's Facial   


This cleansing facial is designed especially for men to help protect and restore skin from pollutants, sun exposure and irritation from shaving.


65 minutes $139.00


Nurturing Facial   


Indulge and relax while we pamper your sensitive skin. This treatment is designed to purify and soothe acne, rosacea and even the most delicate skin.


65 minutes $139.00


  • Add a Delicious Shui Spa Healthy Lunch ($25) before or after your treatments
  • An 18% Gratuity will be added to all treatments 80 minutes and longer, as well as to all packages for your convenience.