Shui Spa Goes Green

Shui Spa is please to invite you to experience our fabulous new product lines: Sundari <­­> , Osea <­­>  and Olavie <­­> .   

              We fell in love with Osea's products because of their unique blend of sea nutrients and essential oils, which employ the power of the sea and its plant life to condition and balance your skin. Their potions use only the highest quality seaweed from Hawaii, Brittany and Iceland, and the purest essential oils. Additionally, all of their products are 100% cruelty free and guaranteed by the company.

We are thrilled to be using this gorgeous and elemental product line to slather you, scrub you and pamper your skin, face, body, feet and hands with the scent and feel of the wild ocean that surrounds us.

Olavie/Le Vin is an exciting new line of artisan hand-crafted skin care products that we feature in our Cape Escape and Spa & Dining Packages. These luxurious yet earthy products, based on the French healing practice called vinotherapy, harness the potent anti-oxidant and age-defying properties of Chardonnay Grapes.

Come, treat yourself and enjoy a glass of chilled Chardonnay from Jewel Vineyards <­­> !

Sundari, which means ‘beautiful woman’, in Sanskrit, is an elegant and powerfully result-oriented skin care line that is based on ancient Ayurvedic healing principles from India. This distinctive collection of anti-aging skincare products is formulated from the purest ingredients and rarest essences distilled from nature, blending modern science with botanicals known through ancient wisdom. Whether you are scrubbed, wrapped, or your face is pampered into anti-aging perfection, Sundari leaves you feeling like you have really taken care of yourself.

Make no mistake, men love this product line as much as the women!

Shui means 'flowing water' (and is pronounced "shway", as in Feng Shui), and the word SPA may be an acronym for 'Sanitas Per Aquas' (or salus per aqua), latin for 'health through water'. Come experience the bliss of being surrounded by healing water for the day or for a few hours, letting your muscles loosen, your nerves calm and your mind begin to quiet...At Shui spa, you can rest, relax, revive. We provide the environment for you to release the cares of life.

I invite you to create a custom spa day for yourselves, to sample several of our treatments and consult with one of our expert aestheticians to discover the best custom home care regime for your particular skin. And remember to leave plenty of time before and after your treatment to enjoy our heavenly relaxation facilities, the mineral soaking tub, steam room and sauna!