Ahh, September.  Isn’t it glorious?  As a kid, I dreaded Labor Day as it meant the End of Summer.  No more sun splashed adventures.  We had to start wearing shoes again, tucking in shirts, washing our hair and speaking in full sentences.  Oh, yeah, and school.  Ugh.  What a drag.

Cape Codders, however, are programmed in the opposite direction.  We all breathe a huge sigh of relief once Labor Day hits.  We’ve made it through another busy summer tourist season.  And…Jackpot!  The best part of the year is upon us:  September.  It is THE best month on Cape Cod.  By Far.  The weather is perfect.  The crowds are gone (or are much much smaller at any rate).  The place is not the deserted ghost town that it will be come February.  If this isn’t enough to motivate you to plan a fall weekend getaway.  Here are a few more reasons:


Ptown’s Commercial Street is always bustling and the beginning of fall and the approaching off season means one thing: SALES!   Right now is probably a little too early, but soon enough all the shops will be unloading their summer 2016 inventory to prepare for next year.  That means fun, fun, fun for you!


Maybe I’m just getting old or maybe it’s climate change, but man, that July sun is hot.  This time of year, the weather is um, yeah.  It’s perfect.  Sunny, 70s during the day.   Cool at night.   Low humidity.  Perfect beach days.  Oops, I used the word ‘perfect’ three times in this blog post already.  Well, there it is.  You can even venture to the beach without sunscreen and live to tell the tale.


It is no longer high season here in Ptown but that just means there are fewer tourists.  That does NOT mean there is less to do.  The September and October calendars are chock-a-block full with all kinds of festivals, special events, and more.  Check out the Ptown Chamber of Commerce’s Events Calendar or Ptown.org to see what’s happening.

A Lack of Traffic

It is so much easier to get here in the fall.  If you are coming by car, it means less traffic all up and down the Cape and an easier and more enjoyable drive for you.  It also means parking in Ptown is a bit easier.  You can also avoid the traffic issues entirely by taking the fast ferry from Boston, which continues running through October 10.


If there is a slightly less beachy day, head to the East End, check out the galleries and visit the Provincetown Art Association and Museum (PAAM).  There are some great things happening this fall including an exhibition of paintings by Edwin Dickinson, one of the founding members of the museum and one of the only artists to live in Ptown year-round in the early 20th century.  Also on view is the museum’s annual 12×12 members’ exhibit and auction¾a great way to acquire some art and support the museum.

So, when should we expect you?