Ghost Stories

Folks Who Come to Crowne Pointe Inn Don’t Like to Leave…Some Never Do

A very old man believed to be the original Inn’s Sea Captain is seen pacing the hallways of the Main Inn. A ghostly image, often spotted on lobby surveillance cameras, shows a person wearing a flowing white robe, briskly strolling through the lobby late at night. A heavy kitchen door that mysteriously opens in the evening and then closes again without human assistance.

These are just part of the paranormal stories that have become a part of the lore of the Crowne Pointe Inn one of the most special and historic inns in America. Generations of guests and staff have regularly experienced events that would cause even the staunchest skeptic to take pause. Don’t worry, all of our “extra” visitors are friendly – so far!

A Grand 140-Year Old Restored Sea Captain’s mansion perched atop Provincetown amidst the Town’s Museums and Art Galleries.


On the evening of March 29, 2018 Crowne Pointe hosted one of the stars of TLC’S Kindred Spirits and the SyFy Channel’s hit show Ghost Hunters Adam Berry for a private group dinner and paranormal investigation.  What they revealed will astound you…