We All Scream For Ice Cream

We New Englanders take our ice cream VERY seriously. And Provincetown is no exception. As I write this, I am on my way to Commercial Street for my mid-day indulgence. Summer is a couple weeks off, but that has never stopped any self-respecting Cape Codder I know (myself included) from grabbing a little something. The sun is shining, the bees are buzzing, and well, it’s time. There are plenty of places to go.  In the list below, I stopped at seven, but there are undoubtedly more (sorry Ben & Jerry’s).  The best part?  They are all just a block away from Crowne Pointe on Commercial Street, so you could even do your own uh, ice cream crawl? Yeah!  Hit them all up!  Wow, how come I never thought of that before?  Let’s do it!

Purple Feather Café and Treatery  The Purple Feather features 24 Flavors of gelato.  With names like Turtle Dove, Chocolate Sundae, and Mojhito, I’m swooning already.  Plus, they have sandwiches and regular food, if you are feeling like you should be practical.  Desserts, wines, and cocktails plus fruit tarts, brownies, molten lava, biscotti, chocolate chip cookies, and their specialty, homemade éclairs round out a very full menu.  Everything is homemade on premises.   If you go, try the Mermaid’s Orgasm.  Peach, pineapple, coconut.  Yup, I’m in.

The Nut House Obviously, roasted nuts are a specialty at this 16-year-old joint but the chocolate chip cookies and ice cream are equally amazing.  Travel & Leisure magazine agreed and named them one of the must stop ice cream shops in the USA.  Their recommendation? The brown butter brownie ice cream.  Sounds just about right.

Never Settle For Just One Scoop

PtownScoop Small on size, big on flavor.  This place the perfect spot to hit up after ogling art in the East End.  Plus, it’s location is just far away enough from the main hustle and bustle that there’s rarely a crowd.

Bliss! P’town Frozen Yogurt Word on the street is this is the best soft serve in town.  Homemade ice cream, homemade waffle cones.  And good people watching!

Happy Camper If you’re not totally committed to ice cream, this place may be your speed.  They’ve got house made popsicles, ice cream, donuts, and more.  Donuts are really their jam. National Donut Day is June 2 (later this week!).  I’m guessing they’ll be celebrating it right.

Lewis Brothers Ice Cream The institution.  All ice cream is made fresh in the store every day.  Keep an eye out for their solar powered Ice Cream Truck!  They’ve got over 25 flavors plus some adult only flavors with names like Belle De Brillet, Chocolate Guiness, Limoncello, Mint Julep (Kentucky Derby Special), Mudslide Chip, and White Russian.

I Dream of Gelato Plenty for everyone to enjoy here—tons of flavors! With extraordinary flavors like Banana Killer, Cherry Tart, Nutella, and Fior di Latte w/Almond, they have arguably the best gelato (made with milk, not cream) around. Plus, the only vegan options in town.