Off-Season Dining in Provincetown

It is the reality of life in a seasonal town. Inevitably, come fall and winter, half of the town shuts down. But we need not despair (not yet anyways). There’s plenty of shops and restaurants with lights on, the open sign out, and the specials still piping hot. Better still, has just launched a new feature called “Open in Provincetown”, a compiled list, sortable and searchable, of all the Ptown businesses open on any given day. No need to call or make the mistake of getting all the way to your favorite Friday night spot only to find it closed. Never again! Such a brilliant idea. is also one of my favorite online spots to find out what is going on. Great calendar, local profiles and Ptown-centric news, and even a shopping section featuring local Ptown vendors.

Fab 5 Restaurants

In the spirit of celebrating the off season here in Provincetown, here are five great restaurants that are open for business and worth a stop on your next visit. Of course, it goes without saying that we are partial to The Pointe, our own establishment. But once you’ve dined here with us, there’s no need to stop. For me to insist that you only dine with us would be doing you a great disservice. Ptown’s restaurants are awesome. Plenty of delicious meals to be had out there so get out and dine!

Kung Fu Dumplings

Need an Asian fix? Stop here. The wonton soup is a stand out.

The Canteen

A twist on the classic seafood shack…and by that I mean an improvement. And this time of year, they offer a pop-up holiday market in the back, so you can eat well and Christmas shop at the same time.

Mac’s Seafood

A favorite spot for great seafood (probably could have caught that from the name, I suppose) and let’s face it, that’s one reason you ventured to Cape Cod in the first place, isn’t it?

The Squealing Pig

A great burger, fantastic fries, a raw bar, amazing fried chicken, spicy curry. This tavern style bar has it all.