It’s amazing. No matter how long you have lived here. No matter how many times you’ve done it. Walking down Commercial Street never gets old. Strolling, window shopping, browsing—it is a multi-course feast with flavors suited to anyone and everyone’s taste. On a recent walk, I checked out a few shops that just opened and a few that were new to me. I suppose you could call this a round-up but it is admittedly a random smattering. That is the beauty of Provincetown: the delight in discovering a new hidden gem of a shop—with a crazy, distinctive personality—that was probably there all along.


This brand spanking new shop just opened this season with goods produced by the two partner/owners: Karole Moe (hence the origins of the name, kmoe) and Karen Baker.  It is a random combo: hefty, rugged leather jewelry, custom-made light fixtures, often built from repurposed materials, and slick, glossy wall décor in firey hues of reds and oranges.  But somehow, it works.

The Captain’s Daughters

When I stopped by, this store was only weeks into its first season. It’s an interesting mix, combining a tea bar with vintage goods and nautical apparel and accessories. It totally won me over with courteous, personal service and a tasty cup of tea. I’m a fan of any shop where boxes of hard-to-find loose leaf tea stand within arm’s reach of piles of stunning indigo-dyed vintage textiles.


This shop has been around for four years but was totally new for me. Not sure how I missed it before. Statement pieces for your house that would totally make a room without screaming about it.  Pricey but completely unique.

Kenneth Scott

Another relative newcomer, this men’s apparel shop features casual wear, swimsuits, basically everything you need for summer living here in Provincetown (or to capture dreams of it when you are elsewhere).

Loveland Provincetown

This shop is so cool, it doesn’t even have a website. Every now and again you walk into a shop and think, OMG, someone opened a store JUST FOR ME! I imagine a lot of people have that reaction when they enter this rich, colorful bohemian pirate ship. As far as Commercial Street goes, it’s a little out of the way in the West End. Totally worth the detour. It will make you happy.