PAAM Mini Masterpieces

Ok, so you’ve got that tiny house, or tiny apartment or perhaps just a tiny bit of wall space left in your summer retreat and you need to fill it up with something really special. Really, really special. Or, maybe you love buying art, are planning a trip to Provincetown and won’t have much room left in the car after your boyfriend loads up 3 suitcases and a duffel for the two-night stay. OR, you have trouble making decisions and can never buy just one painting. Behold, the Members Exhibition going on over at the Provincetown Art Association and Museum (PAAM) from June 29 to August 26, 2018!

It’s an exhibition and a silent auction that showcases hundreds and hundreds of 12″ x 12″ artistic creations from PAAM members. Whatever your reasons, bid away…these pieces fit just about anywhere, the prices are reasonable, and you can feel good about supporting a great Ptown tradition. 50% of the final bid goes to supporting PAAM, 50% goes to the artist and you get a tiny masterpiece just perfect for saying “I Love You!” to that empty space. If you’re a member and want to take a shot at having a sell-out show at a nationally recognized art institution just submit your 12″ x 12″ panel by the 19th.

As usual, PAAM’s got a lot of great exhibitions going on this summer, including one of Helen Frankenthaler’s work (opening July 6th) and a new presentation of PAAM’s permanent collection. The exhibition schedule changes just about every month too, so it’s worth a repeat visit. And of course, I’m holding out for one of my favorite events of the season, PAAM’s Secret Garden Tour (July 15). For more details, please give PAAM a click here.