Spa Indulgence

Spa Indulgence

Nothing Feels Better Than a Day at Shui Spa

spa1Rejuvenate your body and senses at the Shui Spa Provincetown, Cape Cod
Our elegant in-house spa offers guests a tranquil, intimate, unisex environment featuring full service treatment rooms, staffed with highly skilled, licensed therapists. At the center of the spa is a warm mineral therapy tub set in a relaxing understated meditative environment. The entire spa is intimate and unisex and the facilities include a lounge area, as well as a sauna and steam room. The spa also features a finishing area for manicures and pedicures as well as a retail area for you to take your spa experience home with you.

Our bodies are comprised of two-thirds water, salt and life-enhancing minerals that are similar to the composition of seawater. So we are in essence – water. Shui Spa at its essence means water and promotes an environment of good health and relaxation.


Call for appointments 508-487-2365

Shui Spa Hours of Operations
7 Days a Week Year Round (hours vary by season)

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“Shui Spa is a piece of heaven, just what I needed”
Laurie Moirrison, White Plains, NY

“Your spa is comforting and rejuvenating- a breath of fresh air”
Linda Mason, West Orange, NJ

“Your spa therapists are soothing, with hands of gold”
Kristine Bartiucci, South Bend, Ind

“Peaceful, I lost all sense of time while soaking in the spa mineral bath for 2 hours”
Jo Hauser, Portland, OR