It’s spring.  My outdoor thermometer finally broke 60 degrees.  Yay!  That means summer is not far off and wedding season will be upon us in just a few short weeks. Did you know that we do weddings here at Crowne Pointe? Actually, when you get right down to it, the inn is an ideal spot to host any kind of gathering, from small, intimate dinners to large, formal functions and anything in between.  We do it right.  Personalized service from beginning to end so that the day feels like yours and like you.  Comfortable.  Classy.  Polished.  Stress-free.  That’s the goal.


What I love best are Crowne Pointe’s wedding packages for 2 (perhaps I’m biased since I eloped).  Think private ceremony, flowers, champagne, a small cake for two, dinner and more.  What more does one need, really?  If you want to tie the knot but eschew the pomp, then one of these special choices would be the way to go (I would personally go for the ride in the pedi-cab, but that’s me). And you really couldn’t ask for more tasteful surroundings or better amenities.  Picture clear blue skies, the gardens in full bloom, music (I’ll leave the style choice up to you), sensational food, wine, and cocktails courtesy of our award-winning restaurant, The Pointe.


If you are in the wedding planning stages, here are some quick fun facts to ruminate on:


  • We can accommodate parties as small as 2 and as large as 150.
  • Professional wedding planner services are standard.
  • Indoor and outdoor settings available.
  • Your event will be yours alone—we only do one event at a time. No double-booking.
  • Our packages offer ultimate flexibility. You dream it.  We do it.
  • From flowers to cocktails, food, and accommodations, we offer the best amenities to match your day.


For more details, click here for the inn’s full description of wedding services or here for more information on the wedding for 2 packages.