Provincetown is a small coastal resort town located at the tip of Cape Cod in Barnstable County, Massachusetts. It is alternatively called “Land’s End” and more affectionately referred to as P-town. It has a year round population of 3,000, which grows to 60,000 in the bustling summer months and is well known for its status as a vacation destination for the LGBT community. With its welcoming shores and wealth of activities, its no wonder that many gay and lesbian travellers make Provincetown their first choice as a honeymoon destination.

Provincetown, which got it start as a quiet fishing village in New England, suddenly transited to a ‘Mecca’ for artists, painters and poets in the 1950s and 1960s. The evolution of the town from its early history as a mid-nineteenth century colonial village to its present stature is largely due to the fact that many cultures and groups of people with dynamic backgrounds, orientation and statuses have influenced Provincetown. The presence of the

se factors have in conjunction with larger economic and political forces come together to create a favourite vacation, relaxation or honeymoon destination for the LGBT community.

What makes Provincetown the perfect and ideal location for your honeymoon?

Countless LGBT couples have made Provincetown their favorite destination for their honeymoon. Why is this so? In this town, there are events scheduled throughout the year. From the quieter spring and fall seasons with with events such as Cabaret Fest and the Tennessee Williams Festival to the very famous Carnival which is the height of P-town’s summer celebration, there is something to suit all travel tastes. Also the folks in Provincetown observe religiously Holly-Folly, which is the world’s only LGBT’s holiday festival.  Provincetown is famous for its drag shows and amazing restaurants, quaint and beautiful guesthouses, and a vibrant local LGBT community that has been there for decades. It is also the perfect place to do nothing at all if you choose and just be you’re your new betrothed. There are tons of charming gay friendly guesthouses and inns, but the Crowne Pointe Inn offers exclusive services and luxurious amenities. Also when in town, the ideal place for your skin treatment should be Shui Spa. They offer an extensive and wide range of body treatment services.


It is quite difficult not to love Provincetown, the location is one that is as inviting as it welcoming to all travelers. Massachusetts was the first state in the U.S. to legalize same-sex marriage and almost instantly, gay wedding bells started ringing in this seaside town. With gay weddings come gay honeymoons and Provincetown was first in line. Here its easy for same-sex couples to fit in, enjoying and celebrating their new love openly and freely. Along with its long history of acceptance, Provincetown has every tourism infrastructure needed to create an ideal romantic vacation. With great dining and classy accommodation options, you can settle in with your new lover and forget the rest of the world.


There is a guesthouse or hotel for every budget. There are small bed and breakfasts or intimate boutique hotels with amenities ranging from indoor saunas, to private decks with amazing views. One of such hotels is the sophisticated Crowne Pointe Inn, which is located just a block off of P-town’s commercial street and is practically close to everything in P-town. At Crowne Pointe, you’ll also find the wonderful Shui Spa. Here you can enjoy the company of your newlywed in their steam room, sauna, and warm mineral soaking tub – perhaps after a relaxing couple’s massage – away from the hustle and bustle of the outside world.


Finding good food in Provincetown is never a problem. You can easily get really amazing restaurants when you go to the right places. Besides seafood and Portuguese specialties that are readily available, the town offers amazing top notch restaurants, which churn out creative and delicious meals. When in town, be sure to enjoy a meal at The Pointe Restaurant and Wine Lounge serving creative cuisines that celebrates local flavors with its farm to table and pier to plate approach to dining. Its sophisticated dining room is also known as as one of the most romantic spots in town.


Provincetown really goes agog with different forms of entertaining activities, most especially during summer. When you are ready to leave the confines of your hotel room you will have no shortage of entertainment options. From drag show to music acts to top notch Broadway performers, many talented entertainers are attracted to Provincetown and perform for the adoring crowds.


For a small resort town like Provincetown, there is some unique culture available. Most shops and boutiques are found along Commercial Street which is the main hub of the town running from east to west through the center of town. Along with many world class art galleries these specialty boutique shops provide the perfect mementos to remember a Provincetown honeymoon. When you tire of shopping be sure to catch a show in one of the town’s many theaters. Be sure to enjoy a glass of wine at the Shipwreck Lounge before or after and cuddle up by their fire pit.