Winter in New England is cold. Yup. We know that. But we are all hardy Yankees who drink that delicious cold weather right up. Right. The thing is, there isn’t much to do on Cape Cod when it is THIS cold out. Really. Beaches? No one in their right mind is going anywhere near the ocean when it’s bitter cold out. Walking? Only if you swaddle yourself up like a baby first. Museums? Most of them are closed. Shopping? The week after Christmas?! Definitely not. My credit card hasn’t fully recovered yet.

Winter on the Cape is breathtaking

The only bright spot has been that since it got so cold so fast and without any rain or snow or slush, the ponds are covered with ice. Clean, dark, beautiful ice. And this is saying something. There are some winters where the ponds don’t freeze at all, never mind at the beginning of January. So there will be skating. Plenty of skating. Good exercise. Keeps you warm. No technology necessary (and your phone’s battery will die within minutes of being outside anyways). Makes pretty lines and circles on the pond. All wins. Hey, when you’ve only got an inch or so of snow on the ground, skating is the only winter activity we’ve got going.

Light a fire

What else to do on Cape Cod in these bitter cold winter days? Drink tea. Sit/melt in front of the wood stove (bonus points for falling asleep there). Pick and author and read everything they’ve got. Scrabble. House projects. Baking. Ice fishing (husband can tell you all about that). So that’s what we’ll be doing for the next couple months. The inn is closed. The restaurant is closed. But we are aiming to light things back up on Valentine’s Day, so we can see you then. We will have the fires going for you!